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Simon Barnard B.Sc.Hons D.O. Osteopath

Easingwold Tel 01347 822946
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SportTodd House Clinic Sports Injuries

Joint and Muscle Injuries
Tennis and Golfers elbow

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General Conditions Treated

Neck and low back pain
Muscular aches and pains throughout the
joints of the body
Repetitive Strain Injury
'Frozen Shoulder'
Arthritic conditions
Trapped nerves in the arms and legs
'Rheumatic pains' and 'Rheumatism'
'Fibromyalgia' and 'Neuralgia'
Muscle Spasma
Postural problems
Road traffic accidents, including whiplash
Digestive problems
Gait conditions


What should I expect?

A consultation will be conducted to discuss your symptoms and relevant medical history. You may then be assessed from a mechanical, functional and postural standpoint, and the manual methods of treatment will be applied to suit your individual needs.

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