Covid-19 Update

Just to let you know that as of January 1st, Todd House Clinic and The Wellness Centre, Northallerton will be remaining open as usual. Unfortunately my Guisborough Practice will still be temporarily closed but the hotel plans to open mid January so fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted.
Since June 1st patients are screened, the waiting room and treatment rooms are cleaned after every patient and practitioners are fully prepared with Personal Protective Equipment to ensure maximum safety. In addition, the patient’s temperature is taken before each appointment. This policy will continue.
The government have stated that all ‘medical services’ should run as normal during this lockdown and Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy are included under this umbrella. The Institute of Osteopathy have stated that as Allied Health Professionals, we have an important role to play in supporting our local communities as they have to work to care for increasing numbers of Covid cases.
The following practitioners will be available:
Simon Barnard (Osteopathy)
Mel Clark (Chiropractic)
Mary Wragg (Physiotherapy)
Annabel Stratton (Counselling)
Tim Lichfield (Hypnotherapy)

  • Patients will be asked a series of triage questions, prior to treatment to screen for Covid-19. Their temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer
  • On arrival New Patients will be asked to wash hands and sign a consent form for treatment.
  • Patients will be asked to wear masks. If you do not have a mask, then one will be provided.
  • Practitioners will be wearing gloves, masks, protective glasses, scrubs and aprons.
  • The treatment rooms and reception will be cleaned and ventilated between appointments.

Simon Barnard


Mother, Baby & Child


Can resolve anxiety, stress, depression, bereavement & other mental health issues

Annabel Stratton

Clinical Psychology

Treatment of children & adults with a range of psychological & physical health conditions

Dr. Caroline Harris


Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe & effective way to deal with a client’s issues

Tim Lichfield

Sports Massage

Ease aches & pains, improve mobility & personal training

Stephen Widd


Diagnosis, treatment, management & prevention of problems related to the spine

Melanie Clark


Restoring movement and function when affected by injury, illness or disability.

Mary Wragg

Functional Medicine

Functional nutrition and lifestyle coaching

Suzie Wylie
Treatment rooms available to rent