Simon Barnard B.Sc. Hons DO PGCACE

Simon Barnard Osteopath

Mother, Baby & Child

For Babies

Simon started training in paediatrics in 2003 when he attended the world renowned Osteopathic Centre for Children in London for a year. Here he developed his skills treating all ages from the newborn to the late teenager. Since then he has regularly attended paediatric courses and conferences.

Osteopaths take into consideration all aspects of health and development in their assessment of a baby or child. A full case history will be taken, which will include not only their life so far but also the birth and pregnancy. This is followed by an examination and treatment.

Mechanical imbalances in different areas of the body may contribute to a baby’s discomfort and aggravate some of the common conditions presented with. Simon uses a variety of techniques, including cranial osteopathy and gentle massage and articulation, all aimed at releasing physical tension to return the body to a state of balance wherever possible.

For expectant and post-natal mothers

  • Helping with the physical stresses and strains before, during and after giving birth and the effects it has on the mother’s well-being
  • One relatively common condition is Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD). This is caused by the two pubic bones at the front of the pelvis to destabilise. This joint is held together by ligaments and during pregnancy they soften, which can lead to a painful stretching or separation of the pubic symphysis. This can not only cause pain at the front of the pelvis but also in the low back and in the thighs. It is often worse with walking up and down stairs, getting dressed, exercise and towards the end of the day. Here, Osteopathic treatment aims to release any restrictions in the body that disturb normal low back, pelvis and sacrum mechanics to reduce strain on the pubic area.

For children and teenagers

Muscular aches and pains due to falls and sports injuries.